The fastest and
most ecological cooling system ever!

Natural cooling

E.COOLINE® mimics the cooling system of the body in which the heart pumps the blood and transports heat through the skin. A sweat develops on the skin, which has a cooling effect on the body due to the evaporation. Unfortunately, this cooling system is limited.

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Unlike the human body, E.COOLINE®'s high-tech fleece can absorb and retain its weight in water several times. The water is only released by evaporation and not by (mechanical) pressure. In short, the body is still cooled by evaporation through the Powercool SX3 cooling vest, for example.

Perfect cooling

By the physical principle of evaporation E.COOLINE® cools more in higher temperatures and less in low temperatures. This means you always have the best cooling result. Furthermore, the high-tech material absorbs sweat and this stimulates the natural cooling system of the body. Depending on the ambient temperature the cooling effect can last up to several days.


Cooline SX3

How it works:


•     Ready for use in 10 seconds

•     No cooling elements needed, only water

•     Cooling down to 12 degrees Celsius

•     Offers up to 20 hours of pleasant cooling

•     Machine washable and antibacterial


All new E.COOLINE® products have this antibacterial finish. This layer also protects the fibers of the material against odors. Hygienic effect from the first to the last day. This fiber protection layer used in the E.COOLINE® product line uses natural silver. It does not contain nanoparticles. Therefore, you do not need to take any special measures to use our products. (EU Biocidal Products Regulation).