PowerCool SX3 Cooling vest

€ 173.95 (ex. VAT)


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works for 20 hours
Activated within 10 sec.


No more cooling elements needed, only 0.7 liters of water
Activated within 5 seconds
Cooling down to 12 degrees Celsius
Offers up to 20 hours of pleasant cooling
High wearing comfort
Machine washable and antibacterial


Item code :27101350
Colors :Black, Blue
Sizes :XS - 5XL
Model :Vest
Cooling Energy :2600 Kj/L
Material :100% Polyester (outside)
100% COOLINE® (inside)
DEOXX Fresh system

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    Cooling vests, prevent heat stress

    The human body is exposed to heat in many different workplaces, resulting in increased body temperature. If this becomes too great and body temperature rises too much, it can result in heat-related illnesses such as heat rash, heat stroke, heat cramps or heat exhaustion. This last example is a form of heat stress. The use of cooling vests, potentially in conjunction with other cooling products, is one of the simplest and most effective solutions for preventing heat stress.

    Why wear a cooling vest? Let me count the reasons!

    Extensive university research has indicated that wearing a cooling vest, regardless of whether it is used with other cooling products, has a positive impact on the human body, both mentally and physically. These are just some of the benefits of wearing a cooling vest that have been proven:

    • more energy
    • better concentration
    • lower skin temperature
    • lower heart rate
    • decreased moisture loss
    • greater coordination

    Simply put, wearing a cooling vest is beneficial for your safety and health. Want more energy, better concentration and greater coordination? Take a look at our range of cooling vests and personal cooling products!

    Getting your cooling vest ready for use: it’s just that easy!

    Have you ever forgotten to put one of the cooling elements for your vest in the refrigerator or simply don’t have the time to wait three hours to use them? We’ve got great news for you! Our cooling vests are made with revolutionary 3D high-tech fleece that absorbs up to a litre of water in 10 seconds or less, which will provide you with hours of cooling depending on the temperature and humidity in your location!

    Cooling vest: greater cooling at higher temperatures

    The 3D high-tech fleece that the cooling vests are made of automatically adjusts to the temperature of your location, optimising the cooling that it provides. The higher the temperature, the more water that is evaporated per second. This creates more evaporation cooling and more cooling energy, which results in a better and more powerful cooling vest. If all the water has evaporated and the vest no longer has a cooling effect, all you need is 1 litre of water and 10 seconds before you have a fully “charged” cooling vest again.

    Cooling vests, shirts, caps and much, much more

    In order to give you an idea of the various personal cooling products that we offer in addition to the vests, we have drawn up a list of these for your reference. For the sake of clarity, all these products can be activated in the same simple way as the cooling vests. The range of personal cooling products consists of:

    • Vests
    • High-visibility vests
    • Shirts
    • T-Shirts
    • Bandanas
    • Caps
    • Neck scarves
    • Inlays for safety helmets
    • Headbands
    • Arm coolers
    • Wrist coolers
    • Upper leg coolers
    • Lower leg coolers

    Simply put, we have a cooling option for practically every part of the body. Do you have any questions about our vests or other personal cooling products? If so, please contact us – we’ll be happy to explain the cooling options that we have on offer.