PowerCool SX3 Cooling vest
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PowerCool SX3 Bandana Air
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PowerCool SX3 Bandana
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PowerCool SX3 Head Band
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PowerCool SX3 Helm Inlay
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PowerCool SX3 Arm Cooler
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PowerCool SX3 Base Cap
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PowerCool SX3 Shirt
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PowerCool SX3 Shirtvest
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PowerCool SX3 T-shirt
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Avoid heat stress, wear personal cooling products!

As soon as the body’s temperature rises and it can no longer control its natural cooling mechanisms, blood flow to the skin increases, we sweat and then heat exhaustion kicks in. If there is no help available for the body, such as personal cooling products, this can ultimately have serious consequences. Some symptoms of heat stress are:

  • rash, itching or blisters
  • muscle cramping
  • headache and loss of concentration
  • dizziness and nausea
  • heat exhaustion due to dehydration
  • insufficient blood flow to the brain, sometimes resulting in fainting

If internal body temperature rises above 41°C, it may result in heat stroke, which is the most serious effect that heat stress can cause. By staying hydrated, regulating your exposure to heat and wearing proper personal cooling products, you can significantly reduce your risk of heat stress.

Personal cooling products. Who should wear them?

One of the ways to prevent heat stress is by wearing cool clothing such as the Powercool SX cooling vest. People who work or exercise in an environment with high humidity or in high temperatures will benefit the most from these products. In these situations, their bodies are no longer in a condition to sufficiently cool themselves. Research indicates that in roughly 12% of all businesses, people regularly encounter such circumstances. Therefore, wearing the right personal cooling products is an absolute must in order to prevent becoming overheated, because temperatures above 26˚C put additional stress on the body and wearing personal cooling products is recommended. So for this reason, personal cooling products are not designed for specific business sectors, but instead for specific activities in nearly all of them. Whether someone is doing roadwork under the sizzling sun or pouring metal in a production hall, both will be unable to sufficiently cool themselves and wearing personal cooling products is the best possible and most effective solution.

Powercool SX3 personal cooling products: fast, easy, effective and comfortable

Once it becomes impossible not to wear personal cooling products, people are faced with a new challenge. What kind of personal cooling product is best for them? This depends on what you need from your personal cooling product. We have found that most people find a number of characteristics important and want personal cooling products that:

  • Can be activated quickly and are practically ready for immediate use
  • Provide sufficient cooling
  • Offer cooling for an extended period of time, preferably for the entire time that they work
  • Are enjoyable to wear - so they have to be lightweight, flexible and comfortable
  • Are easy to maintain (e.g. by using a washing machine)

Powercool SX3 personal cooling products meet all of these requirements. These personal cooling products activate within 10 seconds using up to 1 litre of water, offer cooling for an extended period of time (up to 20 hours), are extremely comfortable to wear and very easy to maintain.

Activating personal cooling products: it’s just that fast and simple!

Never before has it been easier to activate your personal cooling products: the only “ingredients” that you need to activate the Powercool SX3 are water, a towel and 10 seconds of your time for the product to be ready for use. The following is a step-by-step explanation of the activation process:

  1. Submerge the personal cooling product in water for 2 to 3 seconds or pour up to 1 litre of water over it from the tap or a bottle
  2. Gently press the product (do not wring it out!)
  3. Remove any excess water from the product with a towel

Your personal cooling product is now ready for use and will provide up to 20 hours of pleasant cooling.

A list of the advantages of wearing personal cooling products

Research indicates that wearing personal cooling products has a positive impact on the human body, both mentally and physically. These are just some of the benefits of wearing personal cooling products shown in studies:

  • lower skin temperature
  • more energy
  • better concentration
  • lower heart rate
  • greater coordination
  • decreased sweating

All in all, we can confidently say that wearing personal cooling products benefits health and, no less importantly, work safety.

Powercool SX3 personal cooling products, the collection

Powercool SX3 personal cooling products boasts an entire range of items that can all be activated in the same quick and easy way. The collection contains the following products:

Simply put, we have a cooling option for every part of the body. Do you have any questions about personal cooling products? If so, please contact us - we’ll be happy to explain the cooling options that we have on offer.