About us

We are GTH and we have been beating
the heat for over 60 years. We specialise
in personal cooling products and deliver
our products to a wide range of sectors,
all of which have one thing in common:
they all contain people who are exposed
to extreme risks.

Generating support through comfort

Fortunately, safety is becoming a high priority at more and more businesses. However, we have consistently noticed that there is a significant difference in people who opt to wear PPEs that protect against heat on their own and those who ultimately have to wear them. The result is that the PPEs are not worn in the proper way or in the worst-case scenarios, are not worn at all. Wearing comfort can create support and a high wearing comfort is one of the characteristics that the Powercool SX cooling clothing, such as the cooling vest, absolutely has.

A thorough, well-founded recommendation

PPEs that protect against heat have a single purpose: to guard people who are exposed to extreme risks from the potentially life-threatening consequences. As such, it makes sense that carefully selecting PPEs that protect against heat and cuts should be implemented meticulously and with extreme care. A thorough and clearly well-founded recommendation should certainly serve as the basis for it. We are more than eager to consult you about your options, preferably in person.

Safety and compromises do not mix!

Safety is what we consider our “common thread”, so just like you, we do not want to make any compromises about it. In terms of the quality of the personal cooling products that we offer, we are never satisfied with “good” — we only deliver the best. How, you ask? By only engaging in collaborations with the leading manufacturers in the field. These are businesses that never follow the pack or mimic products already on the market. They pave their own way, conduct their own research, constantly stimulate development and are at the top of their field.

Do you want to work more safely?

Enough about us. Are you curious now about what we can do for you? The answer is simple: the next chance that you get, present us with a challenge and experience for yourself what we can do! How? Call or email us: we’re eager to hear from you!